Facts on the dangers of processed foods

  1. They are specifically engineered for over-consumption! Yes they are created to trick you brain and body chemistry want more and more and more!
  2. We only burn half as many calories digesting & metabolizing processed foods compared to natural wholefoods.
  3. For many people, junk foods can hijack the biochemistry of the brain, leading to addiction & causes them to lose control over their consumption.
  4. The carbohydrates you find in processed foods are usually refined, “simple” carbohydrates, which lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar & insulin levels & cause damaging health effects.
  5. There are many nutrients found in whole foods that are NOT found in processed foods. The more processed foods you eat, the less you will get of the vital nutrients you need.
  6. Soluble, fermentable fiber has various important health benefits, but most processed foods are very low in fiber because it is lost or intentionally removed during processing.
  7. High in Sugar & High Fructose Corn Syrup which can have serious adverse effects on metabolism when consumed in excess.
  8. Food manufacturers spend huge amounts of resources on making their foods as “rewarding” as possible to the brain, literally brainwashes the mind & can lead to overconsumption.
  9. Highly processed foods are loaded with artificial chemicals, including flavorings, texturants, colourants & preservatives.
  10. Foods high in Trans Fats or Processed Vegetable Oils- Hydrogenated (trans) fats are among the nastiest, unhealthiest substances you can put into your body! The best way to avoid seed oils & trans fats is to avoid processed foods. Eat healthy fats such as nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, butter or ghee.


Always remember there is a difference between mechanical processing and chemical processing. If it’s a single ingredient food with no added chemicals, then it doesn’t matter if it’s been ground or put into a jar. It’s still real food and great for you health!
However, foods that have been chemically processed and made solely from refined ingredients and artificial substances, are what is generally known as processed food and do not serve any purpose at all to benefit your health.


There are many nutrients found in whole foods that are not found in processed foods. The more processed foods you eat, the less you will get of these nutrients.

When we replace real foods like fish, meat, fruit and vegetables with processed junk foods, we increase our risk of illness and poor health.

Real food is the key to good health, processed food is not.

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Dr Rachel Murphy

Dr Rachel Murphy

In clinical practice, I continue to pursue passion for treating infants and children as well as pregnancy care, including pre and postnatal support. I have a strong belief that environment plays a crucial role in health and well being, and therefore treatment management must also include advice on exercise and nutrition, ergonomics, stretching, rehabilitation and lifestyle modification.
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