Pam Murphy

Pam Murphy


B.H.Sc (Nat) Dip RM

Pam is an experienced Naturopath who consults from the Family Wellness Group as well as operating her own private practice on the surf coast of Victoria, Green Oaks Natural Medicine.

Having grown up in rural Victoria where local medical services were limited, Pam learnt the value of natural remedies and the many benefits of home-grown foods prepared fresh for optimal health throughout life. Having since raised her family, Pam adapted these natural health philosophies and further enhanced these ideals and practices, leading to the completion of Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) degree.  Pam continues to build upon her quest for families to learn about traditional natural medicine through fresh foods and healthy lifestyle habits. She is passionate about providing a common-sense approach to health and wellness, whilst integrating and adapting modern techniques and newly researched discoveries to improve health and quality of life at every stage of life.

Aligned with the core principles of Naturopathy, Pam adapts a holistic individualized treatment approach facilitating the body’s innate ability to heal itself given adequate support, with dietary recommendations, herbal remedies, and nutritional supplementation where required to restore balance when nutritional deficiencies are present.     

Pam can assist with a broad range of conditions with a particular interest in:

·      –  Women’s health & hormonal support

·      –  Children’s health and development

·       – Digestive disturbances                         

·       – Detoxification assistance

·       – Stress management

·      –  Immune & energy support                                                               

·       – Sleep dysfunction

·       – Weight loss and management        

– Other services:

Integrative Pathology Testing: Hormonal function, Thyroid, Stool Analysis (CDSA), Food allergy and sensitivity testing, liver detox profile, inflammation investigations and treatment, heavy metal analysis and nutrition education.

For clinic consultations with Pam Murphy (Naturopath B.H.Sc (Nat) Dip RM), please book online here, call (03) 98980222, or enquire via the contact page here.

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