How much technology time should kids be having a day?

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Articles, Children's Health, Mental Health

Is it time to rethink how much television your children are exposed to, either directly (children’s programs) or indirectly (news, morning/ night time programs etc)?

Electronic media for children involving all sedentary activity while sitting down, using very little energy is showing significant negative developmental outcomes including poor cognitive processing, trouble concentrating, poor sensory stimulation of other senses (including taste- fussy eaters!) poor visual eye-contact, poor listening, & rejection to feeling contact with loved ones which are all vital for health in many ways. Reduced sleep quality & poor social interaction skills are also a consequence of over-stimulation by an isolated visual medium.

The truth is the less television and non-educational device time the better for children’s development.

Under 1 hour of technology is recommended for children each day, particularly under 10 years of age.


Screen time is vitally important to be minimised for children under 2 years whose brains are particularly sensitive to cognitive stressors impeding development of memory, language skills, social adjustment, listening & processing, co-ordination & more! Chances are they could be doing a multitude of activities far better than staring at the tv to be kept busy.

The saturation of digital media in children’s lives today is significantly diminishing children’s attention spans… Technology is everywhere & because of quick-paced television programs, as well as other electric charged stimulation they’re used to watching three to four second snaps & become restless when the action is over…

Children reading before bed, or even better YOU reading with your children before bed has a multitude of benefits for their growth & development for life!

Top benefits include creating Imagination! Now that visual stimulation is served up free-flowingly via television, IPads, IPhones, Xbox etc etc etc…. children rarely get to tap into their amazing imaginations unless we read to them, or until they can read with us.

Build a bond for life: For children there is nothing cozier than to listening to Mum or Dad read to them. Feeling loved, given attention & being open to express ourselves are natural human & are of no greater importance than during our childhood years. Once you’re all snuggled up with your child for bedtime stories, it’s a great time to influence him/her with life lessons by agreeing or disagreeing with events in the book… Or chatting about other big-deal topics that may be going on but seem reluctant to be discussed.

Children are never to young, & it’s never too late to start reaping the benefits of bedtime stories and limited tech-time!


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Dr Rachel Murphy

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