Grocery Store Fruit & Veg VS Market Fresh Produce

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Articles, Nutrition

A few facts on grocery store fruit, vegetables and meat:

  • Produce is packed with sulphur dioxide to prevent mould growth (that’s toxic & a big NO NO for your body)
  • Quality is significantly compromised when produce is picked way before it is fully ripe to make it easier to store and transport over long distances.
  • Lower levels of oxygen and higher levels of carbon dioxide than normal air are used in storage to further slow down deterioration- this low oxygen level would causes serious health impacts to people if administered directly, so why would we do it to the food we eat?!
  • They may still look perfect, but fruit and vegetables lose some vitamins from extended storage.
    • English spinach retains only 53% of its folate and 54% of its carotene after just eight days stored at fridge temperatures.
    • Apples & Tomatoes often held in cold storage for months contain lower levels of antioxidants, losing flavour and natural aroma, becoming “floury” & will go mouldy within a few days if not refrigerated, which is opposite to what the fruit naturally need (being at room temp) to maximise antioxidants levels…
  • Imported fruit & vegetables in grocery stores is fumigated with methyl-bromide to comply with quarantine regulations.
  • The chemical 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) is used to extend the storage life of some fruits and vegetables, which blocks some of the biochemical changes that occur as fruit ripens and matures. This chemical not only compromises flavours but causes hormone imbalance, affects mental clarity and other detrimental health impacts.
  • The gases used for wrapping produce in plastic are carbon dioxide and nitrogen – carbon dioxide inhibits growth of micro-organisms and nitrogen is an inert filler. It is possible, by adding a small amount of carbon monoxide to the gas mixture which reacts with the myoglobin in the meat, to keep the meat looking a healthy red colour, even when the meat is far from fresh.
  • The extended storage time for meat made possible by technology also poses health risks. Harmful bacteria can grow to dangerous levels while the food remains attractive to the eye. Clostridium botulinum is of most concern because of the severe illness it causes. Thorough cooking should kill most bacteria, but extra care is needed to make sure that the meat is cooked right through and to avoid cross-contaminating other foods with bacteria via knives or cutting boards, etc.

Fresh produce from local markets have superior taste quality as farmers who sell directly at markets are able to maximise nutritional content by choosing which produce should be picked at which times, not before it is ready to ripen, to develop full flavour and highest nutritional value for your health!

Not that anyone needs more convincing, but always choose market fresh, REAL market fresh!

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Dr Rachel Murphy

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