Get Outdoors and Get Active

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Articles

Enjoying the outdoors gives us a break from technology and the on-the-run lifestyle to which we’re all so accustomed.

When we’re outside, we have a clearer, more focused mindset to be present with others, spend some quiet time alone or play with a pet.

Being active outdoors can also help increase your quality of sleep, as natural sunlight helps set the body’s internal clock that tells us when to eat and sleep, and normalises hormonal functions that occur at specific times of the day.

As little as 10 minutes each day exercising in a park, working in a backyard garden, hiking, or even sitting in a plant-filled setting will benefit your physical and mental health.

Try implementing a daily ‘green hour‘ into your routine, as consistently spending time outdoors everyday is important to encouraging your child’s engagement with natural places as playful spaces.

Fun Ways to enjoy activity outside:

Here are 5 easy ways to enjoy the benefits of nature!

1. Make being outside a ritual 

Go for a morning or evening walk every day.


2. Try gardening

From a planting vegetable garden to planting a few flowers, both activities get you outside regularly and enjoying nature.


3. Explore different places

Visit somewhere new, a nearby park or a beach—whatever landscape appeals to you! Ask others in your neighborhood which park is their favourite to visit. Then the next time the weather is good, trade your usual gym workout for an outdoor one!


4. Take your breaks outside

The next time you need a break, try sitting outside quietly and just appreciate the natural beauty around you! Notice the scents, sights and sounds as you sit quietly and focus on the moment.


5. Commit to being active outdoors everyday, rain or shine

These are the times that we have even less outdoor interaction, but may be when we need it the most!


Put outdoor movement time on your to-do list today! Enjoy the benefits of stimulating your brain function, especially the areas assisting the central nervous system for learning, decision making, processing information, communication, growth/repair and the regulation of hormones for every process within the body!

Every part of you, body and mind, benefits from movement > time to get your family moving!

Dr Rachel Murphy

Dr Rachel Murphy

In clinical practice, I continue to pursue passion for treating infants and children as well as pregnancy care, including pre and postnatal support. I have a strong belief that environment plays a crucial role in health and well being, and therefore treatment management must also include advice on exercise and nutrition, ergonomics, stretching, rehabilitation and lifestyle modification.
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