Get up, Get out, Get active, Get happy!

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Top 10 Reasons to exercise in the morning

1.  Boosts your metabolism for the entire day- burning calories, building muscle & stimulating energy to use all day

2. Regulates your appetite hormones- (ghrelin) feeling hungry & (leptin) feeling full.

3. Increases focus and mental alertness- increasing your productivity & raises endorphins sky to make you confident & happy!

4. Eliminates night-time insomnia- your body naturally starts to prepare for rest later in the day by lowering your body temp & blood pressure at night time.

5. Helps naturally regulate human growth hormones to assist with repair & injury prevention.

6.   Gives you a healthy mindset nourishing your brain with oxygen and circulation of nutrients to assist mental processing (cognition).

7. Helps you choose healthier food options throughout the day- less binge eating from skipping meals, & balanced macronutrient nutrient intake (protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates) increases the release of happy hormones endorphins, which diminish appetite for sugary foods and caffeine.

8. Gives you a psychological boost feeling happy you are making yourself a priority!

9. Cortisol hormones are naturally highest in the morning – activity & burning energy is what your body is designed to do!

10. You’ll be more consistent forming a habit positively contributing to your health!

Ways to avoid injuries when exercising

  • Always warm up with a light walk or jog to increase heart rate and circulation to muscles & joints before increasing intensity.
  • Avoid doing the same activity each day- mix strength training alternating with cross training cardio
  • Be aware of you form as you move- correct stride & controlled posture at all times
  • Wear correctly fitted shoes (and correctly fitted sports bras for women!)
  • Good nutrition will support your body to increase performance
  • Stay hydrated! 40ml of water per kg of body weight is recommended.
  • Gently stretch muscles after main exercise activity to prevent post-exercise soreness.

Enjoy the benefits of being active! Always remember you should never be in pain whilst exercising, although some discomfort that disappears after exercising is normal.  

If you experience pain or other worrying events when you are exercising, seek professional advice getting assessment and treatment from practitioners at the Family Wellness Group. Book your consultation online or call 9898 0222.

Dr Rachel Murphy

Dr Rachel Murphy

In clinical practice, I continue to pursue passion for treating infants and children as well as pregnancy care, including pre and postnatal support. I have a strong belief that environment plays a crucial role in health and well being, and therefore treatment management must also include advice on exercise and nutrition, ergonomics, stretching, rehabilitation and lifestyle modification.
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