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Connection & communication can be life-defining. Here are simple ways to create positive habits of expressing love between parents and children every day!

  1. Surprise ‘post-it’ notes or a little picture drawn to brighten their day. Kids will treasure this! In their lunchbox, or stuck on the mirror, or pillow top etc.
  2. A Kiss Box- Find an empty little box that kids can decorate (matchbox size) or a small silk mesh bag. Let your child know you put a kiss into it when you leave for work. When they are missing you, they can open the box and know they have received your kiss to help them feel happy & safe.
  3. A memory journal- A special blank notebook that your child can decorate or pick out the design. Everyday before bed, sit with them and write down a few favourite things they did that day, happy moments or things they are thankful for. They will be able to read this over later in life & will cherish it. The connection you create with them and the awareness of focussing on positives and gratitude are beneficial for their entire life!
  4. Make time to read together- no matter which of you is reading, build this loving connection promotes strong communication and a positive relationship. Focussed attention is one of the greatest feelings to build a sense of worth, confidence, openness & trust. Picture book, chapter book, sports book, it really doesn’t matter. Individually or with siblings & parents all piled together; it’s always special and a truly endeared time!
  5. Share a special song together- Make up a song for your child based on a tune you love, or add in their name or nickname for another word. Eg. You are my (sunshine), my only (sunshine), you make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear, how much we love you, & please remember this, every single day.

Lastly- Hug them lots & lots & lots! Just like smiling, hugging has been proven to reduce stress, improve health, lower blood pressure, and improve sleep! In addition to these wonderful health benefits, hugging helps people connect on a deeper level physically & emotionally. “I love you more than ALL of the stars in the sky” is always essential too!


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