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How well do you take care of your teeth? Do you know which foods keep our teeth and gums in their best condition throughout life, leading to improved overall health!


When it comes to stains and discolouration of teeth, coffee, black tea and smoking the number-one enemy of healthy white teeth. Bacteria left behind from inefficient cleaning can also form into plaque that causes darker stains. Early tooth decay can discolour teeth, so good oral care is critical to keeping teeth white and healthy looking. Diseases that affect enamel, medications, excessive fluoride from environmental sources or mouthwash/ rinses and advancing age can all contribute to the deterioration of pearly white teeth.


Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to teeth! Here are the best foods that help whiten teeth and improve their longevity-

1. Green Tea

It’s a lighter colour, so it’s less likely to stain, and on top of that, you get health benefits for your teeth and gums. Green tea decreases tooth and gum disease.

2. Fruit

Eating 2-3 servings of fruit daily is great to whiten teeth. *Just be careful not to eat fruit within 20 minutes before or after brushing your teeth, as too much acid can wear away enamel when the teeth are freshly clean and exposed, and always rinse with water to remove ALL bacteria


  • Strawberries, orange peels, and lemon juice are some of the most effective natural whiteners. All have enzymes and acids that help break down stains.
  • Apples have Malic acid which increases saliva, and helps clean teeth and remove stains.
  • Pineapple is great for removing stains. Pineapple is special because it contains “bromelain,” which is a mixture of natural enzymes that work to digest proteins, as well as being a great anti-inflammatory for gum health.


3. Shiitake Mushrooms

These contain “lentinan,” which is a natural sugar that has antibacterial properties. Extracts of mushrooms help eliminate bacteria in the mouth, which can reduce the risk of plaque-based stains. Better yet, these natural properties work against the bad bacteria, but not the beneficial types, which is much better than regular alcohol-based mouthwash that kills the good bacteria in your mouth.

4. Broccoli

Rich in iron, which helps fortify teeth against the bacteria that cause stains and decay. The iron creates a thin, acid-resistant coating on the surface of teeth, reducing contact with substances that could create wear and tear.

5. Sesame Seed Oil/ Coconut oil

Swishing sesame seed oil or coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes to not only reduce bacteria and helps whiten teeth. This reduces plaque formation on teeth and improves gum health.


Healthy teeth and gums make for a healthy life!


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