The Benefits of Eating more Fruit & Vegetables

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Articles, Nutrition

We can ALL BENEFIT from increasing more fruit & vegetables to our meals each day! Enabling your body to produce high-powered natural energy, heal and recover without limitation, boosting immunity through detoxification, efficient organ function & inbuilt resilience to respond to challenges from our environment and external stressors. So what does the natural colour of fresh foods have to do with your health? One word: Phytochemicals- these substances occur naturally only in plants foods and provide health benefits far beyond that of a supplement for the general population’s nutrient requirements of vitamins & minerals.

Taste the Rainbow! Fruits and vegetables contain different nutrients in various amounts. It’s important to eat colours from all over the spectrum so you can get the range of vitamins and minerals that are provided for you naturally –> Red for healthy heart, improved circulation & memory; Yellow & Orange for a strong immune system & vision; Blue & Purple for youthful ageing & memory; Green for energy, liver function & strong bones & teeth, AND a calm nervous system… With so many benefits from eating a rainbow of coloured foods, don’t settle for a dull and boring plate!

Fruits & vegetables are ALL superfoods, no fancy packaging needed. Choose from a rainbow of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants bursting with natural goodness to improve your health today!

The below tables are a great place to start to see what fruits and vegetables to add to your meals daily.


A-Z of rainbow foods

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Dr Rachel Murphy

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