Back To School – How to Choose the Best Back Pack for your child

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Many students carry backpacks overloaded or improperly fitted, resulting in injuries including neck pain, muscle spasms, tingling hands, headaches & lower back pain. This pain may result in increasing damage to posture & development of the spine.

As parents there are important issues you need to know in order to prevent backpack injury & promote spinal health.

When choosing a new backpack, ergonomically designed features that enhance safety & comfort are vital.

Here are some tips to choose the best pack for your child:

  1. A padded back minimises direct pressure on the spine.
  2. Wide padded shoulder straps which will not restrict circulation to the arms avoiding numbness & tingling.
  3. Reflective material enhances visibility.
  4. Lightweight backpack- up to 15% of child’s body weight when full.
  5. Multiple compartments better distribute weight in the backpack.
  6. Load heaviest items closest to the spine.
  7. Pack only necessary items needed for that school day.
  8. If backpack is too heavy, consider using a case on wheels.
  9. Arrange books & materials securely.
  10. Wear both straps: By wearing 2 shoulder straps, the weight of the backpack is better distributed, & a well-aligned symmetrical posture is better aided.

It is extremely important to encourage your child or teenager to tell you about pain or discomfort that may be caused by a heavy backpack. Never ignore any back pain!!

Also encourage physical activity- Children who are active have better muscle flexibility & strength, which makes it easier to carry a backpack!

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Dr Rachel Murphy

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