The Family
Wellness Group

The Family Wellness Group is a family health clinic offering a variety of children’s health services including Osteopathy, Psychology, Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy, Remedial Massage services, all to support the growth and development of every member of your family, from prenatal through to adulthood.

A range of allied health practitioners with clinical expertise in Paediatric and Obstetric healthcare operate from our centralised clinic in Surrey Hills VIC, making the Family Wellness Group a comprehensive and convenient choice for your whole family’s wellbeing.

Family Wellness Group

Child, Adolescent & Adult Health Care

Suite 1/619 Canterbury Rd,
Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Clinic Services


Improve the way your body moves, inside and out; enhance the way it functions.


Naturopathic medicine is a health care modality that utilises nutritional and herbal treatment therapies

Remedial Massage

Massage Therapy is a clinical healthcare modality that aids in alleviating the physical discomfort


We offers Clinical Psychology Services in a range of areas to support all family members.

Clinical Nutrition

Positive food and lifestyle choices is the best path to a lifetime of wellness!

Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna programmed provide you a place to improve your health support.

Meet Our Practitioners & Admin

Dr Rachel Murphy

Dr Rachel Murphy

Rachel operates her Health Education business, Encore Health both at the Family Wellness Group clinic and externally.
More About Dr Rachel Murphy


Dr Chris Swale

After returning to Australia, Chris completed his university studies in Osteopathy where he was also a practical and lectorial assistant and first year mentor.
More About Dr Chris Swale


Aislinn Primmer (Admin)

Aislinn Primmer is a member of the administration and operations staff at the Family Wellness Group clinic.

More About Aislinn Primmer


Dr Melinda Millar

Melinda is passionate about helping young people and their families achieve better emotional and mental health.
More About Dr Melinda Millar


Pam Murphy

Pam is an experienced Naturopath who consults from the Family Wellness Group as well as operating her own private practice 

More About Pam Murphy


Angela Flinter (Admin)

Angela Flinter is a member of the administration and operations staff at the Family Wellness Group clinic.

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Dr Bridget Pledge

Bridget has always lead a very active lifestyle and from a young age has been passionate about health and wellbeing.
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Dr Hannah Rodda

Dr Hannah Rodda

Hannah completed her Osteopathic studies at RMIT University with a double Bachelor’s degree in Health science & Applied Science
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