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Dr Bonnie Maplestone

Dr Bonnie Maplestone

Osteopathy Associate Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

Bonnie has recently welcomed her new baby Tristan and is currently taking leave. We will let you know when Bonnie is available for consultations again.

Dr Bonnie Maplestone recently completed her studies as an Osteopath at RMIT, studying a Bachelor of Health/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) at RMIT University.

Bonnie is passionate about people and their lifestyle influences on physical health. With every patient she assists, Bonnie strongly endeavours to understand the individual person, and help them achieve their goals of improved health and wellbeing, including increased health and energy, decreased pain or other points of focus.

As well as being a qualified Osteopath, Bonnie is a Yoga Teacher with an Advanced diploma of yoga teacher training from the CAE in Melbourne. Bonnie has over twelve years of Yoga teaching experience and enjoys the benefits of her Yoga training and how this influences and assists with her Osteopathy. Bonnie is keen to integrate both Osteopathic treatment and Yoga together to benefit patients.

Bonnie believes that it is not just one therapy technique or yoga pose that will fix everyone, that as each body is different and each person is different. Bonnie has, therefore, sort out a range of different techniques and options to utilise during treatment, including Soft Tissue techniques, Joint Mobilisation techniques, Dry needling, Cupping, many styles of Yoga, as well as Stretching therapy for rehabilitation and maintenance of optimal physical health.

For clinic consultations with Dr. Bonnie Russell (Osteopath, Yoga Teacher), please book online here, call (03) 9898 0222, or enquire via the contact page here.

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