Encore Health is a platform developed by Family Wellness Group director, Dr Rachel Murphy.It is a hub of highly useful and informative information for both parents and other health practitioners.

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The Family Wellness Group is a family health clinic offering a variety of children’s health services to support the growth and development of your child, from prenatal through to adulthood. A range of allied health practitioners with clinical expertise in Paediatric and Obstetric healthcare operate from our centralised clinic in Surrey Hills VIC, making the Family Wellness Group a comprehensive and convenient choice for your whole family’s wellbeing.

The Family Wellness Group has recently re-branded from being called Children’s Wellness group to fully encompass the full range of services available from our clinic. We still offer the same great services and practitioners.

Our Services

“Health professionals are in the best position to assist in the improvement of children’s health habits because they are dedicated to children’s health and well-being, and build long-term trusting relationships with families. They are also trusted leaders and advocates in the community.”

Dr. Rachel Murphy Osteopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Community Health Educator | Director Family Wellness Group

Allied Healthcare And Education for Your Family

Processed Foods

Facts on the dangers of processed foods They are specifically engineered for over-consumption! Yes they are created to trick you brain and body chemistry want more and more and more! We only burn half as many calories digesting & metabolizing processed foods...

Tips to foster meaningful chats with your child

Healthy communication rests at the heart of every healthy relationship, including between parents and children.
These tips are focused on having meaningful chats with your child and will help deepen your relationship, meaning you’ll both feel more connected.